New York City Treats Tobacco (NYCTT)

Our mission is to support health care organizations, particularly those serving low income and mentally ill patient populations, to implement policies and system changes that will ensure that all patients are routinely screened for tobacco use and all tobacco users are offered evidence-based treatment for nicotine dependence.

NYC Treats Tobacco provides tailored technical assistance and coaching to implement quality improvement strategies including working with your team to:

  • Update your current institutional tobacco use treatment (TUT) policy to align with the Public Health Services and NYSDOH evidence-based guidelines
  • Map the full spectrum of TUT quality indicators in your electronic health record to fulfill federal quality reporting requirements
  • Generate performance feedback reports
  • Ensure you are meeting TUT related meaningful use measures
  • Optimize billing to obtain Medicaid reimbursement for TUT
  • Implement a seamless system to refer smokers to the New York State (NYS) NYS Smokers’ Quitline
    Provide access to webinars and panel discussions that can assist in health system change

Why focus on tobacco use treatment?

Reduce the Burden of Tobacco-Related Disease in Your Patient Population

  • Tobacco use is the number one cause of preventable morbidity and mortality and leads to 25,000 deaths per year in New York State
  • > 70% of smokers visit a health care provider each year, creating a window of opportunity to intervene

Align  with New York State and Federal Health Priorities and Regulatory Standards

  • TUT is a core component of the NYS Prevention Agenda and an optional component of the NYS Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment Reform Program
  • The Affordable Care Act requires coverage for TUT
  • Health Resources and Services Administration Uniform Data System requires reporting on tobacco use screening and cessation interventions

Smokers have health care expenses that are 30% higher than nonsmokers

  • Annual smoking-related health care costs and lost productivity in New York total $14.2 billion

NYC Treats Tobacco is led by the NYU School of Medicine, Department of Population Health with funding from the New York State Department of Health, Bureau of Tobacco Control. Contact: (646) 501-2537 or

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